Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Proposition 8: The Musical" is Marvelous!

After the stunning, disappointing approval of Proposition 8 - which banned same sex marriage - in California a few weeks ago, a touch of humor was definitely needed. Hollywood has come to the rescue with "Proposition 8: The Musical." This short little video packs a wallop - combining political satire with a very important moral lesson.

I really liked this video, mainly because it points out the hypocrisy of the Religious Right with their selective theocratic interpretation of the Bible. More importantly, it shows the fallacy of basing laws on homophobic bigotry masquerading as religion.

This video needs to be seen by everyone. The marriage equality movement is far from dead. In fact, it seems more alive now than ever after Proposition 8. Every civil rights movement has had its temporary setbacks, and the current one dedicated to gay rights and marriage equality is no different in that regard.

By the way, the stars in this video are incredible and should be honored for their dedication to such an important humanitarian issue. Jack Black is hilarious as Jesus and Neal Patrick Harris does a bang-up job too a feisty, singing commentator. John C. Reilly is entertaining as a sanctimonious preacher supporting Proposition 8. Kudos to everyone involved in this project!

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